B•O•A•T (Barge Of Arts and Technology)



( Concept )

Our world needs commitment to environmental, social and political values. B·O·A·T sets up the space where these values come to life fed on natural and cultural richness, provided by diversity in terms of ecology and communities. This goal is achieved through reality-based education driven by workshops, aesthetic expression, science, architecture, fine and performing arts as well as an interactive technology.

B·O·A·T goes beyond traditional museums as a floating changing building, a contemporary mobile Agora that takes countless shapes. It gathers communities around the co-creation of actions to study and protect our oceans as it enforces synergy between humankind and nature. Learning by doing education, research and exhibitions are powered by digital experiences broadcasted both locally and globally by in-built technology energized by solar power, including large screens and VR combined with architecture, delivering a three-dimensional interface. It also creates a global synapsis by broadcasting to the infosphere through SEO strategies. B·O·A·T is an education, research and co-creation platform that links minds, cultures, needs and ideas to shape new ecological models. When people take part, commitment comes to life as it transforms individual intelligence into collective wisdom. Therefore, critical thinking becomes forward-thinking as this living Lab encourages the construction of a better future.

Project Team
Project Name
B·O·A·T (Barge Of Arts and Technology)
Team Location
Madrid and Santander, Spain
Architecture & Design