Eco Museum

Victoria Yurzinova, Nadezhda Bezrukina


( Concept )

A modern museum is an opportunity not only to see the results of human activity but also to observe and participate in processes of research and project activities. That is why this project implies a combination of the function of an office for environmentally-oriented startups and that of an environmental museum.

These functions are placed in modules; each module vertically or horizontally combines the space for exhibitions or workshops and office space. The project can be scaled and adapted to different situations. It can be an open-air museum, integrated into the urban environment or it may even be one module, which also serves as a leisure and educational centre - the project allows you to introduce the function of a museum locally and focus on educational activities, as well as ensuring the development and self-realization of the local community. This decision allows us to make knowledge about ecology more accessible, gives an opportunity for each person to contribute to the process of conserving the resources of our planet and reducing climate change. The modules themselves can serve as exhibits of the Museum of Ecology since they are created and operated according to the principles of green building.

Project Team
Yurzinova Victoria, Bezrukina Nadezhda
Project Name
Eco Museum
Team Location
Moscow, Russia
Architecture & Design