The Samsara

William Mazmur, Frithasya Jeniardina, Rifa Kharisma


( Concept )

Today, we are facing an issue that can challenge the survival of human civilization with no exceptions. Climate change has surfaced for decades, and it’s only getting worse with the evolution of human civilization. As an institution that is closely related to education, the museum can also play a vital role in the process of fighting climate change. Our main focus is to reduce rapid deforestation and forest conversion, assist massive reforestation and preservation, and promote public actions in order to fight climate change.

Contextually, we seek to collaborate with an ecotourism park that takes place near our site (Bukit Bangkirai Ecotourism Area) in providing and facilitating education, conservation, and not limited only to the purpose of tourism. One of the main museum attractions would be sightseeing around the forest itself. Besides breaking from the common museum’s way of exhibiting, this method means to give a unique educational experience to the public. Environmentally, it will minimize forest conversions around the site. Private cars are restricted, as only pedestrians and bicycles can enter the area to significantly reduce carbon emission. There are several parts of the museum, taking place in different organic-shaped buildings to blend with surrounding nature.

Project Team
William Mazmur, Frithasya Jeniardina, Rifa Kharisma
Project Name
The Samsara
Team Location
Bandung, West Java, Indonesia
Architecture & Design