Become Nansen - Museum as…. a (scientific) quest

Floating Marine Research Center/Sophya Welle


( Concept )

We believe that the real change we can make through museums is to empower young people, so that they fully understand current problems, can analyse scientific facts and make informed decisions.

Traditionally, science museums provide information from professional scientists to the public. Modern technologies allow us to create sophisticated exhibition environments and immersive experiences, but is it possible to break the wall between real science and the public? How can we eliminate this barrier? What if we allow our visitors to become scientists themselves, and show that science is an open arena, where you can search for answers about the world you live in?

To achieve this goal we propose to create a scientific quest in the core of the visitor experience, where participants will try to become real scientists and learn scientific methodologies. As a test event we have designed an educational interactive exhibition about the Arctic, field science and marine adventures for children aged ten and above. The exhibition will be built on board the 42-metre-long schooner Amazone, which is able to sail in any region and can travel around the world.

Project Team
Floating Marine Research Center / Sophya Welle
Project Name
Become Nansen - Museum as…. a (scientific) quest.
Team Location
Russia, Israel, Norway, UK, China, Lithuania / Russia, St.-Petersburg
Arts, curatorial and creative practice