MUSERIALISM: Think like a museum...

Fadó Fadó


( Concept )

For our proposal Fadó Fadó asked ‘What unique expertise can museums share to address climate change?’ The climate activist Eric Krasnauskas has characterised the war on climate change as a war on materialism. Museums, with their core role as custodians of collections, are uniquely positioned to become activists in this war by changing our views on material goods and challenging the disposable culture that increasingly underpins contemporary consumerism. We are calling on museums to extend their curatorial responsibility, to hold our collective future in trust. We have named this sharing of the unique ethos of museums MUSERIALISM – a portmanteau of museum materialism.

The Muserialism exhibition will consist of a collection of the everyday objects most of us own. These will be conserved, mounted and interpreted from different standpoints: scientific, social, and historical. Thought-provoking extracts from museum acquisition policies will give visitors an insight into a different way of valuing objects, showing in a surprising and playful way how we can all think like a museum and adopt Muserialism in our attitudes to personal acquisition, interpretation, conservation, preservation and disposal. By taking responsibility for our own material collections we can reduce the burden of contemporary consumerism on our planet’s resources and climate.

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Fadó Fadó
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MUSERIALISM: Think like a museum...
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UK, London
Arts, curatorial and creative practice