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Historically, the museum served as a publicly accessible space to collect, preserve, and display objects of cultural significance for educational purposes. In today’s technologically connected world, with a constant exchange of information, the museum’s method of information delivery has become redundant. In our modern age, the role of the museum as an integral public institution needs to be re-evaluated. Many of the major issues humanity faces require a change in perspective to provoke a more ethical and sustainable existence.

The core of our proposal is to shift the focus of museums from objects to people, and to question what agency the museum typology may have if it begins to collect emotional experiences, preserve life lessons, and display genuine acts of humanity. This shift enables the potential to exhibit any topic to inspire positive change, and collectively raise generations of open-minded, adaptable people.

Our vision for a museum has become a process rather than a static destination; a collection of processes that can be holistically ingrained throughout a town or city as opposed to a static collection of knowledge or culture at a certain point in time. A series of interventions that shift and broaden the perspective of anyone who engages with them.

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Australia, Brisbane
Community, activism & engagement