Global Dialogue Museum

Aleksandra Banas, Andrew McClements, Cameron Jones, Zsófi Veres


( Concept )

Climate change, inequality, disparities of opportunities, violence, and environmental degradation. These are all interconnected problems challenging our society, which tends to put issues in the hands of specialists, rather than responding to them collectively. Our generation needs to understand the importance and power of global dialogue.

The ‘Global Dialogue Museum’ proposal is a new form of engagement which exhibits people’s experience of climate change from around the world. It is a place where an open dialogue is created by giving a voice to the unheard. The museum utilizes kinetic tiles, which generate electricity when stepped on and activate voice recordings. Speakers placed in museum modules create a space where people from around the world describing how climate change is affecting them. Additionally, each museum consists of a recording studio where visitors can record their experiences to participate in the dialogue.

The circular modules symbolize open conversation, community, equality and gathering, demonstrating that everyone’s voice matters. This museum is not only about humanity’s achievements, but also about an understanding of our downfalls and how we can avoid repeating mistakes. Climate change is no longer a bunch of figures and statistics but the story of real people.

Project Team
Aleksandra Banas, Andrew McClements, Cameron Jones, Zsófi Veres
Project Name
Global Dialogue Museum
Team Location
UK, Cardiff/ Poland
Community, activism & engagement