Abigail Portus, Rosamund Portus


( Concept )

Aquify considers the need to combine sustainable practices with transformative thinking, proposing an architecture which integrates a museum space with a working water-treatment centre.

Our proposal subverts the imagined museum from being a user of energy and producer of waste, to being an establishment which actively engages with processes of decarbonisation. However, rather than being purely functional, the water treatment process is also presented as a permanent ‘exhibition’ that visitors can view as they move through the museum.

Through experiencing the waste water exhibition, visitors would be educated about the need to transform how we interact with waste and consume energy in an age of climate change. Our design therefore shows how we can integrate sustainable practices into museums in a way that does not detract from the museum experience, but which actually enlivens it. Thus, our design liberates the museum as a space which is not limited to climate activism through the curation of climate-focused collections, but which can also facilitate decarbonisation goals through its very existence. More broadly, our proposal speaks to the need to radically rethink how we interact with and implement sustainable practices, bringing collaborators from around the globe to both exhibit and curate.

Project Team
Abigail Portus and Rosamund Portus
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UK, London
Architecture & Design