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Climate for Change


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What if museums took a lead in connecting people, ideas and resources, to inspire climate action? The traditional role of the museum is one that operates in a cultural space, tasked with preserving culture. This role, though important, can separate the museum from aspects of society concerned with creating the future, including decision-making spaces integral to imagining, designing and creating climate action. The New Way Cafe looks to close this divide by expanding the role of the museum, realising its potential as a node within multiple networks that can link people, ideas and resources across multiple scales.

Museums as local network nodes can connect people, build social capital, be a platform for local responses to environmental challenges and facilitate their fruition.

Museums as institutional nodes can connect decision makers to new local initiatives and local networks. They can act as a platform to facilitate local participatory or deliberative democracy.

Museums as international nodes can share best practices with other museums or cultural institutions.

The New Way Cafe is a pop-up space that aims to draw these different strands together. opening them up to the public by peaking curiosity, structuring engagement and allowing free space for playfulness and imagination.

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Climate for Change
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New Way Cafe
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UK, UK wide
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