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ClimateHacks.org is a network of networks of sustainability experts curating a series of hyper-local projects using inexpensive, innovative digital tools to showcase climate resilient teamwork. Community-initiated projects are often unknown and underfunded, yet are recognized as effective ways to ensure accurate solutions crucial to improving life under climate duress, building social cohesion that help broader community resilience.

Like a museum, www.ClimateHacks.org curates artefacts about community-initiated net-zero carbon projects including qualitative and quantitative metrics about:

1) carbon drawdown projects like (a) general nature-based (sequestration via trees in Uganda, woodlands and marshes, etc), (b) smartAg (urban organic farming in Medellin, Colombia) and (c) specific blue carbon techniques (coral reef restoration in Puerto Rico, sea grass restoration along the equatorial zones), (d) cycle initiatives; and

2) carbon mitigation projects including (a) policy changes to deploy MicroGrids is hurricane-prone Vieques, Puerto Rico, (b) Italian women’s MicroGrid collective training, and (c) Kenyan women to build local MicroGrids for local community-use.

Our Climate DAO of DAOs is the premier climate digital network of networks for grassroots climate action, improving transparency in measurement, reporting and verification using inexpensive Raspberry Pi computers as network nodes for reporting throughout the year.

Project Team
ClimateHacks.org/Eileen Doohan
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ClimateHacks.org DAO of DAOs
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Killington/Vermont/USA, Santa Monica/CA/USA, with our design partners in Djibouti/Ivory Coast
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