The Tidal Museum

Climate and Cities


( Concept )

The Tidal Museum is a site-specific structure which reimagines the museum as a symbiotic human-made organism existing within the ecosystem of the river Thames in England.

Several questions are raised as global water scarcity, unpredicted floods, and rising sea levels increasingly define the needs of our societies. How can the definition of museums reflect the fluctuations in a river’s morphology? How could these shifts affect communities and their relationship to the next generations? How can institutions respond positively to these changing environments?

We seek to respond to these challenges by proposing a versatile museum composed of tidal-interactive exhibition rooms, on-site research laboratories, satellite sampling vessels, and bio-remediative sanctuaries that purify polluted water. Together, these elements create a reactive part of the river ecosystem, that aims to bridge the gap between conservation and cohabitation. This ever-shifting interior offers a site for analysis and climate rehabilitation where reactivity is the key feature. It is designed to address the pace of emergency, acting as a modular, modifiable base for rapid responses that constantly evolve with the Thames. The Tidal Museum serves as a space for international and interspecies collaboration where restorative and transformative ways of relating to the environment are proposed as a radical response to climate change.

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Climate and Cities
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The Tidal Museum
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UK, London
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