UM MUSE Overturning words, imageries, spaces, systems

Maria Antoniette Mariani


( Concept )

Museums remind us of order, control, stability and stillness. The precious objects preserved beneath glass cases evoke the rational paradigm of distance. They are the backstage of capitalism and globalization separating human/non-human, the settlers/the Natives, residents/migrants.

Museums were Muses’ shrines.

I would retrieve the forgotten forest female figures and their flowing, regenerative, creative imagery. Metaphorically, the glass case turns into a greenhouse.

Plants have strategies for protecting and spreading their seeds, developing mutual aid. I imagine how they might inspire museums shapes and organizations, integrating different disciplines (art, botany, architecture, robotics, design). “Living creatures-spaces” open to people thinking, learning, involving, creating, connecting. All of them should have a Youth Board overcoming the distance among generations.

Networked local museums become a forest, Museum Units for Steering Society, shaped by local bio/cultural diversity. They work to protect and regenerate environment and humankind, inspiring them to create a better future for the Earth. I would imagine the thousands of world museums as one entity, a union, composed by widespread and delocalized green democracies. They overcome past, present, human, nonhuman, classical, contemporary, scientific categories that kept them in different shrines. I would name it MUSE: Museums Union for Safeguarding the Earth.

Project Team
Maria Antoniette Mariani
Project Name
UM MUSE Overturning words, imageries, spaces, systems
Team Location
Italy, Rome
Art, curatorial & creative practices