Climate Sanctuaries

Marcel Troeger / Studio Earth Works


( Concept )

Climate Sanctuaries are laboratories for earthly survival.

Our house is burning. We have lost ground. This project represents the search for new ways of situating museums in the intertwined planetary meshwork of the Anthropocene. The static character of the classical museum needs to be radically rethought. Museums for Climate Action will serve as testing sites; a planetary network of climate sanctuaries for the search for future lifeforms and co-existences. These sanctuaries actively engage in the haunted climate landscapes of our times, revealing the vast effects of planetary urbanization by being situated in the remote, yet heavily influenced edges and hinterlands of our planet. From vanishing glaciers to drying rivers, they will serve as curators and agents of processes and earthly collections. From coral temples to ice towers, the sanctuaries are understood as planetary laboratories, where forgotten practices and knowledge are revealed, tested and transformed into new narratives on how to live, coexist and re-act.

The Climate assembly functions as a spatial translation of the planetary vision of the sanctuaries into the exhibition space. The installation as laboratory is inspired by the Wunderkammer and the earthly collection of worldmaking-practices, narrations and speculative typologies - a multidimensional territorial diorama where radical climate futures are discussed and co-produced.

Project Team
Marcel Troeger / Studio Earth Works
Project Name
Climate Sanctuaries
Team Location
Berlin, Germany
Architecture & Design