Shift Museum: For a non-material heritage

Mariana Lourenço


( Concept )

Climate injustice reflects an imbalance of power, in part created by a colonial philosophy that divides humans between those who can own artifacts and those who are considered the artifacts. This dynamic can be seen in Museums, places originally created for storing and exhibiting objects that substantiate that ownership. But what if a collection would be composed of a crowdsourced collective memory?

The Shift Museum Project is about imagining a collection of people’s shifts in culture and habits in a world of intense environmental changes, including the COVID-19 pandemic. This will happen based on ACTIONS + DOCUMENTATION, or documentACTION. In a Post-Pandemic world, it should be decentralized, in different places, as a distributed museum. Not object centered. Not top-down.

My goal is to make sure that intangible cultural heritage (ICH), will not be left invisible and/or be lost. I would like to encourage, promote and document cultural manifestations of beliefs, traditions, craftsmanship techniques, folklore, performing arts and languages related to personal experiences on climate change.

With a powerful social currency that can influence governance, I believe that museums can apply their credibility to diversify how collective memory about the climate change will be told.

Project Team
Mariana Lourenço
Project Name
Shift Museum - For a non-material heritage
Team Location
Germany / Brazil
Arts, curatorial & creative practices