The Triptych - A Visual Manifesto for the Reimagined Museum

Rosa Prichard, Rune Wriedt


( Concept )

Traditionally, the museum is a place where we position artefacts from the world. This proposal seeks to turn this notion on its head, placing the museum itself into the world, presenting climate change as the artefact to be exhibited.

Thus we propose a new manifesto:

The museum must preserve the past for the future, making tangible that which is not experienceable anymore.

The museum must record progress towards the climate goals, making a spatial representation of our collaborative success.

The museum must renegotiate the relationship between the perceiving subject and perceived object, thus reframing humankind’s position in the natural world.

The manifesto is disseminated through the medium of the architectural image. In this age of social media, a plethora of visual impressions all compete for a sliver of our limited attention, yet powerful images still retain their ability to empower and inspire action. For instance, the striking image of Earth seen from space - the blue-green orb in the loneliness of the universe - which undoubtedly sparked a wave of planetary awareness. To inspire and empower the viewer into climate action, we propose a large triptych, each panel showing a speculative vision of our reimagining of a museum for climate action.

Project Team
Rosa Prichard and Rune Wriedt
Project Name
The Triptych - A Visual Manifesto for the Reimagined Museum
Team Location
Copenhagen, Denmark
Arts, curatorial & creative practice