Museum for Natural Science and Culture

Roberta Palma, Rowaa Ibrahim, Julia Gersten


( Concept )

Our goal is to affirm the museum as a possibility to time travel and to witness milestones of human and natural development. This is achieved with specific room shapes that resound with the represented historical scientific periods, combined with offering activities, rituals and spatial settings. We think that an immersive experience, as well as a platform for discourse and exchange, are more impactful than the accumulation of objects and their display behind glass walls.

Starting from a set of principles such as cultural inclusivity, horizontal modes of participation combined with technological research and display, we based the design’s theoretical backbone on Baudrillards’ term “hyperreality” and Morton’s definition of the “hyperobject”.

Due to its position underground, the museum will have a lower demand for energy. It also presents a safe environment in extreme weather conditions, such as floods caused by rising sea levels. Unlike traditional museum types, it is not to be conceived as an iconic building drawing attention to itself within the cityscape. We rather intend a composition of spaces that educate and transmit information.

As the prevailing types of musea often fail to address a larger public, our proposal states that the key to change is education made accessible to everyone.

Project Team
Roberta Palma, Rowaa Ibrahim, Julia Gersten
Project Name
Museum for Natural Science and Culture
Team Location
Berlin, Germany
Architecture & Design