CCAF Carbon Cafe

Ruth Jones


( Concept )

Catering facilities are a crucial part of a modern Museums’ operational output, yet the food industry is a major contributor to the worsening climate crisis.

When imagining radical environmental policy change to ensure that future museums are environmentally ethical, providing sustainable operational catering must be a priority. Museums must promote diets with a lower environmental impact and provide the customer with the ability to access and contextualise products and services produced with this ambition.

My proposal - CCAF - is a museum catering concept brand that promotes a sustainable diet with a low environmental impact both in production and consumption.

CCAF’s operational goal is to serve an ethical and sustainable menu that is accessible, and to educate the customer on the wider food systems that they are participating in. It should also aim to lead research and development for sustainable practices for kitchen staff and the wider hospitality industry.

Project Team
Ruth Jones
Project Name
CCAF Carbon Cafe
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Sheffield, UK
Community, activism and engagement