Museum of Humus "Golden Soviet Anthropocene"

Anastasia Vepreva


( Concept )

The Museum of Humus ‘Golden Soviet Anthropocene’ was established for the reappropriation of things and mental substances. The museum reclaims all the soils we have, – whether they be the soils of the Earth, or the soils of our brains – to create a utopian image of the future.

The Museum will be based on Russian letters to the future, written in the 1960s in the last surge of utopian visions of the future, and opened in 2017. Obviously, the imagined future never came true, but this does not mean that we can reject it. On the contrary, temporary conservation and the humus of ideas buried in earthen capsules will be able to grow new ideas. In other words, the museum of unfulfilled hopes is one of the forms of their potential realization.

The project is a poetic realization of the climate issue, giving a new way of looking at the problem and possible ways to solve it. Such an approach supplements real educational and enlightenment programs. Handling our past with care, it will give us new strength to act decisively. Everything already exists, the main thing is to correctly use and apply it.

Project Team
Anastasia Vepreva
Project Name
Museum of Humus "Golden Soviet Anthropocene"
Team Location
Russia, St. Petersburg
Arts, curatorial & creative practices