MeMa - Meandering Museum Antwerp

Averechts Architecten


( Concept )

With MeMa, we aim to rethink the museum as a white cube and an autonomous institution. We intend to achieve this by opposing ourselves against the contemporary 'Baukultur' and by scattering the museum across the city while at the same time tackling the structural problem of vacancy within city centres.

MeMa is a decentralized museum typology, a constantly changing cultural axis that meanders through Seefhoek, a supposedly subordinate neighbourhood in Antwerp. We nest ourselves within vacant lots, unutilized heritage and unproductively used space, looking to work with and enhance what's already there. By penetrating the existing urban fabric, we aspire to set up a network of local nodes, some temporary and some less temporary, trying to mobilize local inhabitants in the fight against climate change.

We aim to establish MeMa right within the visual field of the public and implement impulses from the underbelly of society. MeMa creates minimal architectural and cultural interventions that seek to improve the quality of public space, as well as boost the productivity of the existing urban fabric and stimulate the creativity of its inhabitants. In this way, we plan to implement subtle systematic changes as well as leave traces to encourage local people to work towards a more sustainable future for the city on many levels and different scales.

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Averechts Architecten
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MeMa - Meandering Museum Antwerp
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Belgium, Antwerp
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