Durable (X)

Maya Ephrem, Shreya Ghoshal, Gizem Karagoz


( Concept )

The problem of the climate emergency is a problem of inequity. Responding justly and effectively requires confronting the profoundly unequal experiences of climate change. While much of the scientific community has sought to depoliticize climate science—and science more generally—research that does not internalize the variety of ways in which these “facts” are experienced is problematic.

We are proposing Durable (X)—an original, four-phase installation, which seeks to radically transform the museum by reimagining a public institution that exhibits the lived experiences of climate change and crafts new pedagogies of engagement within the larger climate change movement. Many museums’ curation methods absolve them from acknowledging the fraught histories, eurocentrism, and racial/ethnic biases that underpin existing frameworks. This ignores processes of negotiation and politics inherent to their construction. The discourse surrounding climate change echoes this apolitical stance, despite being fundamentally shaped by social, cultural, political, and economic factors.

Ultimately, Durable (X) replaces the Museum as the arbiter of knowledge by elevating and foregrounding diverse personal experiences and allowing communities to take ownership of their climate futures. In doing so, Durable (X) operationalizes social capital to dismantle structures of colonized knowledge production, leading to a more just and green future.

Project Team
Maya Ephrem, Shreya Ghoshal, Gizem Karagoz
Project Name
Durable (X)
Team Location
United States, New York City (NY)
Arts, curatorial & creative practices