The ephemeral “image”-inanition

Sophie Hartmann


( Concept )

The ephemeral “image”-inanition is an act of saying goodbye. The reimagined museum will witness its own content, the most valuable art works of western civilization, becoming places of education for climate change.

The relics of high art will be returned to their place of origin, where they will stand in contrast to the changed surroundings. Protected only by a hair-thin sheet of manmade material, people, plants, and flora will set a scenery for a slow decay.

Part of this experience is the act of discovery, of understanding that pieces of art are witnesses of their time. They tell stories of humans, places and moments through the subjective lens of an artist and offer a dialog to the observer even 121 years later. Art can teach us, frighten us, make us laugh and stimulate our imagination but can also capture what changed. This museum of ephemeral “image”-inanition shows us the results of climate change, loss, challenges and opportunities.

Evidence of culture will define the atmosphere of the reimagined museum, while the presence of today will be supported by its openness to weather. light and an uncontrolled decay of both environment and art.

Project Team
Sophie Hartmann
Project Name
The ephemeral “image”-inanition
Team Location
Vienna, Austria
Art, curatorial & creative practices