The Mycelium Museum Project

Solveig Siem, Jason Falkenburg, Kristiina Veinberg


( Concept )

The Mycelium Museum Project reimagines museums as fungal networks.

We aim to address local climate issues on a global scale by creating a network of museums worldwide dedicated towards creating spaces for the public to work on their own climate-related projects.

Museums are meeting places between research in all manner of fields and the wider public. Our new museum concept imagines the public’s own climate projects as a ‘collection’ to be preserved, shared, and built upon using a wider network connecting these ‘mushroom centers’. By transferring agency to visitors, we can redefine them as ‘users’ and engage them in developing their neighbourhood’s own green futures while also influencing others on a global level.

Ideally, these centers would even be constructed outside traditional museums. For example, re-using old, abandoned buildings can create spaces that organically ‘grow’ through the actions and activities performed by its users. This freedom from preestablished institutions will conceivably result in the public’s unique expression of ‘play’ in light of reflection and awareness of the climate care action taking place around them. We also hope it will transform their discrepancies to a more optimistic outlook and deepen their commitment towards climate action.

Project Team
Solveig Siem, Jason Falkenburg, Kristiina Veinberg
Project Name
The Mycelium Museum Project
Team Location
Oslo, Norway
Architecture & Design