How does this story end?


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Climate change is a massive challenge that has been a hundred years in the making. There is not a hundred years to undo the damage, but more like ten years.

Institutions, such as museums, can play an important part, but it is not the same part that they have been playing, as that has also led us to this crisis point.

This Toolbox has set out some practical tools and approaches to ramp up climate action. The scale of the challenge can’t be over-estimated, and the danger is that the complacency that has led us to this point will lead us past the point of no return. Those in privileged positions – including museums – will not necessarily realise they are even close to or past these crisis points until it is too late. Those who have least – the poor, marginalised, under-served, minorities, Indigenous peoples – will pay the price of inaction by governments, and by institutions including museums. The need for action is great, but the appetite and commitment to support the transformation needs to be even greater. Museums present tremendous opportunities to support climate action, both by empowering all of society to meet the challenge, and by rapidly decarbonising their buildings, energy and practices. That is how the story will have a different ending.

So, what will you do next?


Further resources are provided on the Museums for Climate Action website.

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Download Toolkit PDF