How can people curate their own climate information, to support climate action?



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Museum collections can be a powerful source of information and inspiration, but they are limited if they can only be experienced directly, in museums themselves. What happens if we think of museum collections as sources of big data instead? The internet has tremendous potential to bring people, data, media and climate science together. That is the idea behind Story:Web. People, museums and even artificial intelligences, can explore, create and share their stories as co-authors and co-curators. This transforms museums from physical places into a collectively curated, networked, global, big-data resource. Story:Web brings people together in new ways, wherever they are, to explore common interests and challenges.

Story:Web could be a powerful tool for people to use to understand and meet the challenges of climate change. There is no single climate change story, as it is complex and everyone will experience it differently, based on who they are, where they are, and their personal situation. Through Story:Web, people could create and share climate stories, drawing on a rich source of information, stimulating thought and inspiring climate action.

Story:Web diagram visual

Story:Web original concept visual

Project Team
The Great North Museum: Hancock; Open Lab: Simon Bowen; The Tyndall Centre/CAST: Sarah Mander; David de la Haye
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Newcastle, UK