How can museums support the move to climate-friendly technology and lifestyles?

Dundee Museum of Transport


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Museums are often seen as buildings that protect objects from the past. What if we thought of them differently, as places that help people be part of the transformation to a climate-friendly future?

Scotland will ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars from 2032. Transport needs to rapidly transform, but people will also need to have the information and awareness to be ready for the change to other fuels. This transformation involves car producers, governments, and people who buy and drive cars. Transformation needs to involve everyone, combining culture change with technological change.

Dundee Museum of Transport is supporting Dundee’s shift to electric cars through education and awareness activities. It is also developing a carbon-neutral museum to ‘walk the talk’.

This ‘reimagining museums for climate action’ combines an attention to the big picture that will affect people’s lives, a focus on supporting people to contribute to personal climate action, and the move to carbon neutral buildings.

Dundee Museum of Transport original concept visuals

Project Team
Peter Webber, Alexander Goodger, Matthew Wong, Wendy Maltman and Katherine Southern
Project Name
Dundee Museum of Transport
Team Location
Dundee, Scotland