BLK235, #Tidal Flat

Sean Shan Zhang, Ziwei Chi


( Concept )

There used to be continuous tidal flats and a rich wetland ecosystem in Xiamen. However, with the government’s ambitious urban planning, this flexible boundary between man and the sea has been replaced by a stiff embankment.

The first phase of our project is to design an eco-park museum in the original tidal flat area of Xiamen. It imitates the usual way of constructing such parks and ecological protection areas. It claims to respect nature and offer wildlife the most suitable surroundings, while the structure of the museum provides an insight for understanding the site. But in fact, everything is based on human planning, forcibly dividing the land and the location of animal habitats, while deceiving ourselves that this is what nature should be.

However, in the detailed design, through the setting of different artificial materials and various natural substratum, we provided an opportunity to quietly extend the natural ecology of the site. While undermining the condescending human activities, and finally occupying the site that originally belonged to the wildlife. Eventually, with the accumulation of silt, rising water levels, and the disintegration of some fragile materials, this “Eco-park museum” will truly become an eco-park museum for nature.

Project Team
Sean Shan Zhang, Ziwei Chi
Project Name
BLK235, #Tidal Flat
Team Location
China, Beijing
Architecture & Design