Museum Of Footsteps

Parubai Chavan, Shiva Gor, Rajeev Ramachandran


( Concept )

With the ubiquity of a material culture and economic system based on property and the abuse of natural resources leading to climate change, a major problem of migration and labour crisis among Adivasis and Dalits in India, has also arisen. With an alternative museum concept, this design will showcase how ‘Banjara’ way of life could give us a path towards addressing climate justice.

The design concept of ‘Museum of Footsteps’ is influenced by an alternative epistemological system of the indigenous culture, which is capable of maintaining a relationship to nature in harmony with non-anthropocentric values. In accordance with this idea, the museum itself wouldn’t possess ownership of any land, making it an alternative and revolutionary concept.

The museum architectural space is purely formulated from the indigenous and vernacular architectural tradition specific to Banjara tribe. The temporary ‘Tent’ architecture consisting of eight tents will represent eight major components of Banjara’s survival systems, namely: Food, Water, Animal, Energy, Textile, Knowledge System, Intangible Cultural Values, Waste Management.

Project Team
Parubai Chavan, Shiva Gor, Rajeev Ramachandran
Project Name
Museum Of Footsteps
Team Location
Pune, India
Community, activism and engagement