Weather the Weather

Inés Cámara Leret, George Adamson


( Concept )

Weather the Weather recreates weather conditions of the same date, but of past and future years. The installation highlights what today's weather was like back in the 1800s or what tomorrow's weather may feel like in 2080, when today's children are adults. The work seeks to address one of the main obstacles to engage with climate change: that of psychological distancing.

By focusing on a more tangible and sensory phenomena like weather, our aim is to explore the ways in which the public understands their entanglement with it, both locally and globally, and therefore with climate and climate change. The weather conditions recreated within the installation are site specific to where it is being shown, and site-responsive to the conditions taking place outside it.

These weather conditions are developed by referencing a rich variety of source material, including archives, scientific data, key historical and political moments, as well as the works of writers, musicians and visual artists. Understanding weather as a porous hyper-object that permeates beyond the sciences and across disciplines, the museum becomes a safe space where we hope the audience will undergo a personal, sensory-led journey exploring their relationship to weather, climate and therefore climate change.


Project Team
Inés Cámara Leret & George Adamson
Project Name
Weather the Weather
Team Location
UK, London / Spain, Madrid
Arts, curatorial & creative practices