Opus for Climate Change

Team Opus: Griffith University, Five Mile Radius and UAP


( Concept )

The Opus proposal addresses object-based living centered on permanency (the problem). It works towards a living system that instead prioritises ways of doing, learning and sharing in order to ground and sustain the human community and all communities globally. This is not a new idea, rather it pivots from Indigenous knowledge and philosophy proven by millennial-long sustainable relationships with earth and earth’s balanced living systems.

The Opus comprises infinite temporary hubs, as close and accessible as the local corner store, within walking distance to any home and filling existing building stock as diverse as an office, mechanic, university theatre; all retrofitted with sustainable energy and Passivhaus technologies to achieve and promote carbon-neutral operation.

The Opus also reaches places without walls, such as fields, forests, mountains, oceans, urban squares, in that way elevating and listening to the non-human. Educative in nature, the Opus carves new and revives existing pedagogy via digital realms and in person, across multi-layered forums. Radical change in individuals and society is inspired by modern myth-making and pragmatic skill-sharing, generated via iterative and rigorous public programs including discussions, public meals, and field trips that embed ecological thinking as dominant across actions large and small.

Project Team
Team Opus comprised of Griffith University, Five Mile Radius and UAP
Project Name
Opus for Climate Change
Team Location
Australia, Brisbane (Qld)
Community, activism and engagement