Museum of Climate Stories

Jamie Larkin, Bernie Dickson


( Concept )

Our project confronts the challenge of exhibiting climate issues in a permanent institution, which requires people to make a deliberate decision to visit. Barriers to access mean that this may not be possible for a number of communities. We address this problem by reimagining the museum as a flexible entity that regularly adopts new locations across different neighbourhoods, meeting the public where they are.

We aim to vitalize the museum concept by producing localized, tailored experiences to maximize public engagement. We guide visitors through each location by interpreting climate issues using unique landscape features, drawing on perspectives from Indigenous storytelling to scientific discourse, to present a multifaceted understanding of human relationships to land and our impact on the climate.

We aim to prompt action by collecting visitor stories about climate. After the temporary museum is disassembled, we leave a digital footprint at each location by making these stories available via an app. Thus, we construct our museum with the thoughts, memories, and attitudes of the public, prompting a shared sense of responsibility and action.

We seek to inspire change by helping the public relate the sometimes difficult-to-grasp concept of the climate crisis to their locale, providing them with a personal incentive to engage with these issues.

Project Team
Jamie Larkin & Bernie Dickson
Project Name
Museum of Climate Stories
Team Location
United States, Orange (CA)
Community, activism and engagement