A playground for climate at 0ºN, 0ºW

Michelle Sun, Shutian Zhou, Tiffany Cheung


( Concept )

We see museums in the future as laboratories, they play a leadership role in testing novel environmental conscious ideas. The proposal is a set of protocols, manifested as a hand-book that radically challenges the normalised climate of museum spaces. The protocols are designed to be peculiar at first glance, each offering an alternative to the conventional ways of operating and experiencing a museum. They outline and inject a series of green actions into existing museum spaces, often focusing on the mundane, the kind of actions and choices people make every day as visitors and curators. By implementing these protocols, the museum becomes a common ground where ethnic, generational, and geopolitical boundaries dissipate into a shared vision; anyone can be part of this multilateral advocacy for planetary well-being.

Learning from the pioneering success of the zero waste challenge of the Japanese island of Shikoku, we envision a similar paradigm shift starting from our cultural fragment, fostering a museum's role as a celebration of quotidian and kinships.

Linking immediate actions and radical transformation in function, this proposal brings the immensity of the climate crisis down to an intimate level. The urgency is made visible when words are turned into actions.

Project Team
Michelle Sun, Shutian Zhou, Tiffany Cheung
Project Name
A playground for climate at 0°N, 0°W
Team Location
London, Hong Kong, Melbourne
Architecture & Design