[Re]generator • Valeria Diaz Granada, Hans Kern


( Concept )

A [re]generator is a physical space or set of spaces. It uses a cyclical model of community problem-solving - [re]generation - to harness the power of art and creative collaboration. As an ancilliary space to established museums, a [re]generator acts as a switchboard of ideas and projects, enabling structured involvement with the wider community. A [re]generator utilizes insights from citizens' reference panels and deliberative democratic problem-solving, and lateral thinking. These help to identify, develop and help implement the most promising ways to address the many intractable problems that communities face today. The fully realized [re]generator exists somewhere at the intersection of a makerspace, an art gallery, an idea incubator and a town hall.

The term ‘[re]generator’ can be used interchangeably with the terms ‘creative citizens' assembly’ and ‘art incubator’. It provides the creative resources, support and opportunity for interdisciplinary engagement with environmental and social challenges. A ‘regenerator’ involves the public in open discussion of proposed solutions, and facilitates an ongoing dialogue between the ‘creative citizens’ and panels of experts in the relevant fields. By open-sourcing the concept, we hope that many [re]generators will emerge, documenting and sharing effective approaches across the network and aggregating resources to address global ecological challenges in scalable ways.

Project Team
[Re]generator • Valeria Diaz Granada & Hans Kern
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UK, London/France, Paris
Community, activism & engagement