Jenny Filipetti


( Concept )

PIQALUJAK (ICEBERG) cultivates resilient local ecosystems of arts and climate actors, inviting audiences to participate in reimagining our future through public experiential exhibitions while simultaneously expanding the network’s capacity for response in the event of climate-related or other emergency.

The diversity of contexts and scales at which climate change operates must be mirrored in its solution. Museums participating in PIQALUJAK invite proposals for off-site participatory experiences and exhibitions from teams of at least one artist or designer and at least one community organization or activist working in relevant areas. In this capacity, the museum adopts a familiar role, broadening community engagement with critical issues, though, importantly, by amplifying and supporting rather than competing with existing regional actors.

However, this is just the tip of the metaphorical iceberg. The commissioned participants also become nodes in an expanding resilience network of arts, cultural, and environmental practitioners, characterized by ongoing communication, resource mapping, and the development of tools and strategies to function as a community emergency response network when necessary. PIQALUJAK generates experiential prototypes that embody a future crafted around sustainability, not as scientific challenge but rather as cultural paradigm: rhizomatic and participatory, grass-rooted in local culture and community stewardship.

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Jenny Filipetti
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United States/Italy, Milan
Community, activism and engagement