Carla Linhares


( Concept )

This project, called Matão, combines in situ photography with photographic editing, to create a fictional/futuristic environment where plants completely enclose art museums.

I intend to promote, through interaction and social exchange, a multimedia project that stimulates an interest in art, museums, and our survival and forward evolution. The proposal has three parts. The project would be applied through pre-paid postage postcards to support social change initiatives. The postcards would be sold to the public and would portray the connection between museums and individuals in a time of pandemics and rampant environmental destruction. All sales proceeds would be donated to an organization in the Amazon, dedicated to supporting Indigenous communities.

In addition to the photographic project, there is a video in which the photographs themselves become a video, where the passage from the urban environment to the forest happens subtly, and the branches of foliage become part of the walls of the museums. A public event with a group of Indigenous people would ideally happen in a public square in Glasgow, as part of COP26. This event would bring the public into discussion about the health of the planet.


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Carla Linhares
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Brazil, Florianópolis
Arts, curatorial & creative practices