Red Hook Center for Adaptation, Resilience, and the Environment (CARE)

Columbia University Historic Preservation


( Concept )

We propose the Red Hook Center for Adaptation, Resilience, and the Environment (CARE) to increase resiliency and equity. The Center creates a space for equal access and use by key community stakeholders and resilience organizations, to foster social preparedness while encouraging environmental interaction and awareness.

CARE will have the following goals:

Modelling Climate Adaptation & Preservation: Adapt a historic industrial building and its adjacent vacant lot with renewable energy and sustainable technology integration.

Disaster Preparedness: Inform community members about how to prepare for disaster and take control of their environmental future.

Community Cohesion: Provide an enclosed community gathering-space that can be converted from a museum into a centralized, physical response headquarters during future disasters.

Stakeholder and Community Education: Inform stakeholders of key environmental and social factors that have created Red Hook’s multifaceted vulnerability.

By incorporating flexible space for interpretation, community curation, education, public programming, community multipurpose space, and disaster response, CARE will actively foster a community of environmental activists in a socio-culturally diverse neighbourhood that has been the victim of social and environmental injustice since its formation. It will demonstrate that museums in the era of climate change should exhibit solutions to environmental challenges that can be adapted building- and community-wide.

Proposed first floor plan (left) and proposed gallery floor plan (right)

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Columbia University Historic Preservation
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Red Hook Center for Adaptation, Resilience, and the Environment (CARE)
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United States, New York (NY)
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